“Future Marriage University is a primer to prevent divorce. Michael Johnson has creatively blended together humor and solid content to help young singles prepare for a successful marriage. I recommend this program and commend his efforts as a leader in pre-marital education.”

Ken R. Canfield Ph.D.
Former Director of the Center for the Family
Pepperdine University

“Michael brings an important message that students are hungry to hear. His engaging, heartfelt and playful style draws students in and his use of biblical truth serves to re/shape how this generation understands God, relationships and self.”

Guy Chmieleski
University Minister
Belmont University

“Michael Johnson really connected with our student body. His catchy humor, Biblical foundation and creative communication style delivers. We highly recommend your consideration of bringing in Michael to address your student body with this relevant and needed focus for today’s next generation.”

Jim Johnson
Sr. Director for Constituent Relations & Campus Ministries
Northwestern College

“The material MJ shares is rich, biblically-backed, and very relevant…all while using a great sense of humor.”

Mark Lewis
Asst Dean for Spiritual Life & Chapel Programs
Abilene Christian University

“His messages were powerful, challenging our students to consider the negative images our culture gives them about marriage and fidelity. For our afternoon session, a major ice storm shut down the campus and students still showed-up to hear his presentation! Clearly MJ is scratching an itch as he communicates clearly and creatively God’s truth for students preparing to live faithfully as followers of Christ, whether married or single.”

Matt Kerlin
Asst Dean for Spiritual Life and University Minister
Samford University

“Michael Johnson has a unique ministry that challenges students to think about relationships and responsibility from a perspective that has been lost in this consumeristic self satisifying culture. His message is simple yet profound and his heart is for students and young adults to get this dating and marriage thing right.”

Eric E. Pratt, Ph.D.
Vice President for Christian Development
Mississippi College

True love doesn’t just wait, it PREPARES. That’s why FMU was founded: to prepare you for relational success when it counts, before you fall in love. We call this preparation Love Education – the essential missing link between the sex education you got back in middle school and the premarital counseling you won’t get until you’re coupled up.