Bitterness is NOT Biodegradable (Forgiveness 101 Part 2)

[The following is an excerpt from a  FREE PDF book on forgiveness that’s yours just for the asking: Forgiveness 101. It shares five Biblical realities to set you free to forgive. Want a copy? Just email us here: To read more from the book first click here: Forgiveness 101.]

DNA-forgiveness 101-2Last week I  gave two reasons why you need to forgive. This week I share the passage from Forgiveness 101 that explains reason #1: Despite your best intentions, you’ll bring that buried bitterness into marriage.

Consider what happens when you bury nuclear waste. It poisons the ground in which you bury it. Which then poisons the water in that ground. Which then poisons the plants that grow in that ground. Which then poisons the animals that feed off those plants. And as time carries on the contamination spreads.

Bitterness is just like that. We’d like to imagine its biodegradable, but it’s not. And not only does it not go away, when improperly handled it poisons everything it comes into contact with; not immediately, but eventually. Indeed, the fact that unforgiveness works so gradually makes it all the more deadly since its pollution is permitted to proliferate undetected until it has spread far beyond simple containment.

However, what if you could handle the toxin of unforgiveness in such a way as to prevent contamination? Then you’d know a life you were meant to live. Not just healthy, but free and full of peace, joy and hope. This is what I want to help you discover in this book.

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DNA: It’s What’s For Dating

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