Beyond Sex & Salvation Book 1: Life Lessons

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Beyond Sex & Salvation – Part 1 addresses three critical life lessons you want to learn before you fall in love. Keep in mind, life lessons take a lifetime to learn. You’re not going to have them all sewed up in eight weeks, but you’ll be miles ahead of most people just because you’re pursuing them.

These are deceptively hard lessons, but they only get harder to learn the older you get. Indeed, many choose not to learn them, but their relationships pay the price. Then when they get married, their marriage pays the price. Sometimes that price is divorce. At the very least, it’s major marital dissatisfaction.

If you don’t wish to join the disappointed and disillusioned, determine to pursue maturity in these areas now and set yourself up for relational success:

  • with family members
  • with co-workers
  • in friendship
  • in dating
  • in your future marriage