Preventing First Date FAILS (Part Juan)

yellThis weekend, it’s a DNA twofer where we tackle both #7 and #2 of TOP10 Signs You’re on a Bad First Date.
Why tackle two at once?

Well, because. Ah.

(Surprise plot twist coming.)

#7 and #2 are actually two parts of the same first date horror story! (Remember this TOP10 was derived from actual experiences submitted by real life people like you.)

#7 – Once seated at the restaurant you find out your date’s ex works there, and you “just so happen” to be sitting in their section.
#2 – During dinner, your date and your server continue to eye one another and when you leave your date drops a $20 tip… and a personal note.

Talk about things that make you go ewww.

No need to go into just how messed up this is. It takes “awkward,” multiplies it by “immature,” and then takes that product to the “unbelievable” power. For math geeks, that equation would look like so:


And what does that equal? Get out of Dodge! Flee! RUN! And don’t look back! I don’t care if your date finally truly breaks it off with their ex and wants a 2nddate. They used you in a really selfish and despicable way – like a pawn they could sacrifice to win their king or queen. You need to forgive them, but you don’t need to give them another chance to flagrantly disrespect you.

So if I’m not going to dissect this behavior, what am I going to do?

I’m going to share a simple secret to keep you from ever having a First Date FAIL like this again. Even better, if you follow this simple secret it will almost prevent any more first date horror stories ever.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just something that, though simple to understand, will prove hard to implement, like losing weight by eating less and exercising more, instead of just taking some magic pill.

Indeed, this suggestion is guaranteed to work, but you will likely have to totally change the way you approach dating. But for the better.

The question you have to ask yourself is this: “Am I ready to change my dating habits, so that I can care for my heart, as if it was the precious gift from God that it is. Am I willing to do this even if it means exercising far more care in my dating choices and ultimately going out on fewer dates with fewer partners?”

If you answered YES to that question, then read on, because I’ve got the fool-proof plan to avoiding another first date fiasco where you find out almost immediately that:

  • Your date can only talk about themselves
  • Or hardly speaks at all
  • Or speaks their mind too freely
  • Or only has one thing on their mind
  • Or you’re not sure they use their mind
  • Or they are actually out of their mind
  • Or they don’t mind drinking too much
  • Or you really don’t have much in common

Are you ready to bid a final farewell to the above first date disasters? Then tune in next week for the simple solution (click on the previous link for Preventing First Date FAILS Part 2), but between now and then I want to hear what YOU think! It’s likely you may already know this little secret. Feel free to comment and beat me to the punch!

Or if you’re still stumped, please prayerfully reflect on your dating life and see if you can see any patterns, any dating habits that contribute to each of your First Date FAILS. What could you have done differently to have avoided them (other than simply saying, “No.). This sort of introspection will likely prove far more helpful to you than any tips I can give you anyway.

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