Hi! I’m Michael Johnson, Co-founder and Dean of Dating at Future Marriage University (FMU).

HSU-crowd (2)Do you see the laughing audience to your immediate left?

I mean to your immediate left on the screen.

This isn’t a stock photo. It’s a group of real life college students caught in the act of actually enjoying one of my chapel talks.

Do you know how difficult it is to get a bunch of college students in a required chapel service to even pay attention, much less laugh?

It’s like herding squirrels.

It’s like swimming in battery acid.

It’s like getting a photograph of Big Foot, with your mom.

And I LOVE IT! I have a blast sharing practical, Biblical truth about sex, dating and relationships with college students, youth and young adults. Or the parents that love them, and care about their future.

So, if you like what you see and read here, consider booking a LoveEd live event for your…

  • Christian College/University
  • Christian Middle or High School
  • College Ministry
  • Student Ministry
  • Young Adults/Professionals Ministry
  • Singles Ministry
  • Family Ministry

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Discussion Series

Would you like some help leading your party peeps into relational health and sexual freedom? If we’ve piqued your interest at all, don’t just sit there, give us a call at 615-202-3797.

What other Ministry Leaders have to Say

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“I’ve spent many hours talking to my friend Michael Johnson about his passion to see singles better equipped to forge a lifelong, love filled marriage. A lot of smart singles have already benefitted from his coaching. Now you can too.”

HSU-mid shot vetical


“Michael’s direction took students where they really needed to go by paths they would not have found by themselves. What a good guide! He helped set them on the path of forming relationships that will go the distance.”