The James Bond Myth

instagram-DNA-007-2How can you hate a guy who can stare death straight in the face, and not only offer a wry grin, but maintain the composure to order his martini just the way he likes it, “shaken, not stirred.”

I don’t even drink, and yet I’m impressed. Every time.

James Bond takes all of life just the way he likes it, and elects to die another day. And he can do this because, of course, he’s invincible.


Wouldn’t that be Bond’s aura in a nutshell? (As if you could fit his aura in a nutshell.)

Who doesn’t want to be invincible? At least it couldn’t hurt to daydream about it.

Or maybe it could.

If you actually believe you can succeed at some of the wild stunts you see on screen then you might be tempted to try them yourself.

Then again, most of us could never contrive how we might get in a situation demanding the kind of heroics expected of a secret agent. No one reading this post is likely to discover they have a car tailing them; certainly not one driven by international criminals armed with semi-automatics. And a grenade launcher.

And, honestly, who wants to wind up in a situation like that anyway?

But though I’ve never fantasized about how I would handle multiple bad guys coming after me, I confess I’ve spent more than one moment daydreaming about how I would handle multiple bad girls coming after me.

Actually, all the girls want 007: good, bad, happy, sad, dopey, brilliant, bashful, baby, blonde, brunette, bald, ginger, grumpy, sneezy, sleepy, sleazy, sultry, scary, sporty, posh, curvaceous, and those carrying concealed weapons.

And how is James Bond in the face of all this temptation?


They can hang all over him. In all manner of dress. (Or undress.)

And James Bond. Is. Invincible.

Does he admire their beauty? Their charm? Their sensuality?

With the same wry smile he offers the face of death.

I’ve always wanted that; to be invincible when it came to women. To stand aloof, in a tux, beside a pool surrounded by bodacious babes in bikinis who’s greatest desire is to have me for dessert.

But they can’t.

Because I’m James Bond.

And I am invincible.

If you can relate (and I hear even girls have desires like this) you need to know something.





For starters, it’s unrealistic. Perilously so.

Scripture doesn’t suggest we give sexual temptation a sly smile as we order our martini (or cherry coke). It tells us to resist it, to look away, to flee temptation. (That’s flee. Not free.) And there’s a reason for that: sexual temptation is dangerous!

Believing you should be able to brush off the advances of supermodels who regard you as the sun of their sexual solar system is as silly as believing you should be able to cross a swamp by running over the backs of crocodiles who regard you as the main course of their dinner.

In reality, not even James Bond can do that. Only his stunt double. And he almost died.

We sometimes forget sin brings death; not as dramatic a death as being mauled by crocodiles, but a deeper, more profound death. The kind of death where your soul writhes in torment even while you sport a confident smile and detached air; feigning invincibility.

So let go of the fantasy and embrace the reality of your limitations when it comes to sexual temptation. The truth is, most of us not only can’t pretend to be unaffected by sexual temptation in real life, we can’t even remain aloof when we see it on the screen.

“Why yes. That flick did have a lot of skin, but I’m fine. Not like I don’t see stuff like that every day. I’ve actually seen hotter. Now where’s my cherry coke? Shaken. Not stirred.”

This is why it’s so imperative that we watch what we watch.

But there’s something else that makes this James Bond myth wrong: If we could succeed at maintaining the invincibility of James Bond in the face of sexual attraction, it would be sad indeed.

We’ll talk more about that next week! In the meantime, consider going deeper and discussing these questions with a couple close friends:

  • Do you find yourself longing for sexual invincibility? If not, do you know someone like that?
  • What do you think is the motivation behind the desire to possess sexual magnetism? Is it merely a sexual longing or are there other forces at work?
  • What do you think is the motivation behind wanting to be unmoved by sexual allure?
  • Do you think of sin bringing death? How should that reality impact the way you relate to sexual temptation?
  • Can you see a downside of succeeding in the endeavor of attaining invincibility in regards to our sexuality.

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  • Freddie

    Quite a lot of dark words here – temptation, sin, death. At first glance, you would think that it was about something inherently dangerous and evil. But it’s about sex, which was supposedly created by God as a good gift to us. You would think that God had created sex with a wonderful design, but reading this (and struggling with it myself over the years) it’s very hard to see that this would be the case…

    • I know, right?!? Totally agree with your frustration. But all the negative connotations for sex come not from God’s design, but Satan’s perversion. And of course, he’d want to pervert this most amazing gift. What better way to mess us up? Hope you’ll check out this LoveEd video that explains where all the negative comes from and how it can be different:

      • Freddie

        Thanks for responding! I completely agree that if you save sex for marriage and get married, then you can get all the “good” stuff in the first column (fulfillment, joy…). But that takes both saving sex *and* getting married, and neither of these is trivial in today’s society. I’ve never had sex, but as a long-time single closer to 40 than 30, I’ve certainly experienced many items from the second column anyway (shame, disappointment etc) while seeing no signs of the good stuff. Sex within marriage is probably the fantastic gift that God intended, but for a single guy like me, it’s no use and I’m left to struggle with the bad stuff.

        • I feel for you, Freddie! I honestly can’t imagine being in my 30s and still single, but in today’s culture you’re actually in the slight majority, so you are not alone! (I know it doesn’t feel that way.) And then there’s all those who ARE married, but are STILL not sexually satisfied. (Now that’s a place of even greater hopelessness than what you’re experiencing.) In the place that you are though, I’d encourage you to redirect your efforts from avoiding sexual temptation to pursuing spiritual, relational, emotional wholeness. I think you’ll find the more fulfilled you become spiritually, emotionally and relationally, the less impact your lack of sexual fulfillment will have. I hope this post will encourage you further: And I’d encourage you to walk through our Intimacy Impostor series which begins with this post: