TOP 10 Signs You’re on a Bad First Date

[updated: 7/19/18]

TOP10 Signs Bad First Date[Believe it or not, this week’s Date Night Advice comes from actual experiences of real life people (names in parentheses). Read, laugh and learn.]

#10 – Your date’s opening line is either:

OK, let’s get this over with.“(Matt)
Are you a parking ticket cuz you got fine written all over you!” (Candi)

#9 – After picking you up, your date stops by their mom’s place for cash to pay for dinner. (Claudia)

#8 – Your date takes a call from their ex, and after cussing them out right in front of you, hangs up and says sweetly, “I’m sorry, where were we?”(Matt)

#7 – Once seated at the restaurant you find out your date’s ex works there, and you “just so happen” to be sitting in their section. [IMPORTANT NOTE: If this happens to you, DO NOT eat anything put in front of you.] (Jerri)

#6 – Your date keeps “whispering” inappropriate comments like “Do you think those guys are gay?” loud enough for the people at other tables to hear… including the gay guys in question. (Jonathan)

#5 – Your date spends the evening seeking your counsel on how to get over their ex. (Sara)

#4 – Your date keeps texting friends about plans for later that night after they’re done with you. (Jerri)

#3 – Your date admits to cheating on their ex multiple times… but only because their ex did it first!!! (Jennifer)

#2 – During dinner, your date and your server continue to eye one another and when you leave your date drops a $20 tip… and a personal note. (Jerri)

#1 – In the midst of trying to show off how well their vehicle handles wet roads, your date winds up running off the road and into the woods hitting two trees, one which busts your side window. Then as you’re recovering, still covered in glass, they ask you to get out and push. (Lindsey)

BONUS: The next day, you get a follow-up call… from the spouse your date failed to mention they had. (Megan)

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