TOP5 Things Sex has in Common with the 4th of July

DNA-4th of JulyWas on the phone with “O” earlier this week (as in Obama; not Oprah) and the Commander and Chief of the good ol’ U.S. of A made an executive decision: Bring back the TOP5 Things Sex has in Common with the 4th of July.

And so in a bi-partisan effort to bring our fine nation together in unity, we proudly make this star-spangled tribute to sex and patriotism.

#5: Fireworks
What’s the 4th without fireworks? And the bigger the better!

Of course, fireworks do have a dark side. Namely, they’re dangerous, which is why the coolest, most amazing fireworks displays are designed, set up and set off by trained professionals.

Long before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, “fireworks” has also been a euphemistic reference to romantic/sexual connection, and for good reason. Not only is that kind of chemistry explosive fun, it can also hurt you if you don’t handle it with care.

Odds are you carry around heart wounds today from “fireworks” you found fun at the time. The question you should ask yourself: What relational training have I had to prepare me to handle romance in a wise and life-giving way?

#4: The Yearning for Freedom
The 4th may be fun, but what we celebrate is profound: the day our nation’s leaders dared to demand freedom from tyranny.

Similarly, a growing coalition within our culture is now demanding a freedom from Biblical sexual mores that neither the free-loving hippies nor the inventors of “the pill” could have possibly imagined back in 1960.

However, not all freedom is desirable (1Cor 6:12).  For instance, who wants complete “driving freedom?” “Oh, kids will be kids. You can’t expect them to stop at red lights or pay attention to ‘School Zone’ signs. And who can say which side of the road is the ‘right side;’ as long as they wear their seat belts!”

We would do well to consider what freedom we demand. 

#3: The Struggle Against Enemies Without
Demanding freedom is one thing. Gaining it is quite another.

“The rocket’s red glare and bombs bursting in air” mentioned in the Star Spangled Banner weren’t for the ooos and ahhhs of onlookers. They were fired during the War of 1812 waged against Great Britain. That’s 25 years after the Constitutional Convention.

In other words, the Revolutionary War wasn’t enough. To maintain our freedom, Americans have had to continue to defend it, often times at great cost.

If you want true sexual freedom you will find it’s not enough to demand it. You must fight for it as well. (Eph 6:10-18)

I remember when I felt the sexual lure of our culture irresistible. Those were not days of independence, because the easy sexual “freedom” of immorality actually ends up enslaving those who surrender to it.

However, through great struggle I learned to turn away from temptation (Prov 31:1). You can too. And no matter how hard (or long) the struggle you MUST believe that true sexual freedom will prove both possible and worth it.

#2: A Constitution to Protect Us from the Enemy Within
Remember the Arab Spring? How about back in 2003, when the statue of Saddam was toppled? What’s become of all that? Are those people “free” today?

After you stage a revolution you have to negotiate a constitution – an agreement by which those who have won their freedom determine how they will maintain it. And simply drafting our US Constitution – with its extraordinary checks and balances – wasn’t enough. As John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral & religious people.” And that people had to uphold it through colossal courage and sacrifice – including the deaths of over half a million lives in the Civil War.

In the same way, I couldn’t pretend my problem with porn and sexual fantasy was due entirely to the culture. I am my own worst enemy, and so I had to prayerfully form reasonable checks and balances to maintain my freedom. And then, with the help of God, my wife and trusted friends, I have to uphold them. Fortunately, I’ve not only found freedom from sexual immorality life-giving, it has set me free to enjoy the marriage bed in a way I could have never imagined prior. (We call it Type-B Sex).

#1: Pride
National pride is at its peak during the Red, White and Blue holiday. It’s so celebrated, you’d almost think it a virtue.

It’s certainly the driving force in the evolution of “sexual freedom” our country has witnessed through the years. Way before gay pride parades and the fight for “marriage equality,” it was the heterosexuals who were proudly rebelling against tradition back at Woodstock.

Even among those who have “kissed dating goodbye” there is great temptation to fall into self-righteous pride. However, among other divine qualities, 1 Cor 13 tells us love “…does not boast. It is not proud.” And Prov 16:18 reminds us that, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Consider that this weekend, whichever kind of fireworks you’re planning to enjoy.

Praying for your TRUE sexual freedom on this Independence Day. Happy 4th from all of us at FMU.

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