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Like most people you meet, we’re more than meets the metaphorical eye.

Future Marriage University was established to save marriages, but it’s not what you think.

This isn’t a website for married couples. It’s not even for engaged couples.

It’s for the wise individual who wants to prepare for relational success when it counts: BEFORE they fall in love.

It’s also for those who want to empower students and young adults to do just that, because this is our mission:

We’re called to empower students and young adults to grow spiritually and date wisely, so they can marry well!

But, forgive me! I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Michael Johnson, husband to Julie, my wife of over 25 years, and father to three home-grown and two adopted kids.

Julie and I met at Baylor University in 1989, before phones were smart, porn was online, and YouTube and Netflix had become the major networks.

You’ll see me and Julie in the picture above, taken back when we were wild and rascally college kids and then to the left, five rascally kids later.

How did we meet without social media?

Julie used this piece of technology known in the day as a telephone and straight-up cold called me after seeing my picture in a college directory. And when you hear the whole story, you wouldn’t blame her…

It wasn’t “love at first sight.” It was more akin to “like at first conversation.”

In the end we never really fell in love. We grew in love instead. We didn’t do this intentionally, but upon reflection, it’s a paradigm shift that could transform your dating life.

However, trust me, there was PLENTY of drama and at one point it looked like we’d never be more than friends…

However, when I gave up, Julie held up. With wisdom, grace and vulnerability (and free pizza) she initiated a conversation that kept us from becoming what Drs. Beverly and Tom Rodgers call “surrogate soulmates.”

Today we see many young adults settle for a pseudo intimate relationship like we almost got stuck in, whether they’re sexually involved with each other or just emotionally enmeshed. Here’s more about that part of our story and why you don’t want to settle for a surrogate soul mate.

If you love Jesus like we did (and still do) you’re pretty serious about discerning God’s will in your relationship life. So how do you go about doing that? Will God tell you who to date?

Here’s how it happened for us…

In the end, we relied on the same three spiritual disciplines that have been guiding believers in making decisions big and small throughout the centuries. And now we’re called to inspire and lead wise individuals like yourself in doing the very same thing.

We recount our story on this page, not only so you can get to know us a little, but so you can learn from our mistakes as well as our victories, empowering you to make wiser dating decisions. Choices which are more likely to lead you to a life-giving, life-long marriage.

But we still haven’t explained what gave us the idea for Future Marriage University (FMU)! Why did we want to talk to someone like you about marriage before you’re even in a serious relationship?

Ask my Mom.

Or since you can’t do that, watch this video.

So, if you want to approach your future marriage like it has the potential of being as important, as challenging and as rewarding as your future career (or help others do likewise), you have come to the right place! We’re glad you came!

If you haven’t gotten started already, press the appropriate button on our home page to begin your journey in what we call Love Education (LoveEd for short).

Well that’s our story. Let us know if we can be a part of your story by addressing a burning question, or lifting up a burning prayer request. You’ll find our email on every page. Or click the pic for our contact info.