Calling All Men

If you’re a man looking for sound Biblical advice on sex, dating and relationships, EUREKA!

Glad you found us, because there is a needy world looking for you!

Did you know that?!

There are Godly women searching for loving husbands, future children who will need faithful fathers and entire communities dying for lack of strong leaders.

If the thought of becoming a man like that brings out your inner Chuck Norris keep on reading, because the mission of Future Marriage University (FMU) is to empower you to prepare for relational success when it counts: BEFORE you fall in love. To accomplish this, we offer what we call Love Education (LoveEd for short). It’s the missing link between the sex ed you get in middle school and the premarital counseling you don’t get until you think you’ve already found “the one.”

That said, if you are not currently in a serious relationship with a chica then you are at the right place at the right time, but regardless of your relationship status, this page was created to direct you to the resources most likely to serve your needs.

The three major topics we cover here in this corner of cyberspace are sex, dating and relationships. Here’s a quick manly road map.

Topic: Sex


Do You Aspire to be a Man or a Sex God?

II-40 year old virginWhether you’re worried about becoming a 40-year-old virgin, or you haven’t seen your virginity since you were nine, we have the same wish for you.

No. Not an epic sex life, but a life that isn’t defined by your sexual experience at all.

Unfortunately, in our over-sexed, pornified world it’s hard to not spend every waking hour thinking about it.

That’s why I wrote this Date Night Advice (DNA) post, How not to Wind up a 40-year-old Virgin (or a 40-year-old who has had lots of sex, but is still desperately lonely). From that one post, you’ll be introduced to several other DNA posts, designed to aid you in your journey toward sexual freedom.

However, if you’re more of a watcher than a reader, check out our LoveEd YouTube series: TOP10 Benefits of Saving Sex for Marriage. Here’s the first video in that series:

Topic: Dating


Date like a Man

dna-enjoy datingDating is a dying art form, but unlike shredding a guitar, or quarterbacking a football team, it’s an art you can learn to master, because it has less to do with acquiring mad skilz as it does with honing your character, less to do with learning how to impress the ladies than it does with learning how to honor them.

Though these goals aren’t easy to achieve, you can do it! And, more to the point, becoming a man of honor who knows how to honor the women in your life, is an important part of your calling.

A manly place to begin your journey would be this post on how to enjoy dating without freaking out.

Further, for your relational health, check out our LoveEd YouTube series: MAN2MAN memos. Empowering men to answer their call to become someone’s man, each MAN2MAN memo addresses common relationship conundrums with fresh perspective, simple insight and a generous helping of fun. For three key questions you want to answer BEFORE you date (or before you date any more), start with this video:

Topic: Relationships


Is Marriage Worth it?

Dating can be a lot of fun, and sex can be beyond belief, but relationships are why we’re here.

Yes. Even for men.

Relationships aren’t just made for the fairer sex. We were made first for a relationship with our Creator and then for relationships with other fellow earthlings. And ultimately, most of us men (not all) were made for an especially unique relationship called marriage.

That means unless you’re called to celibacy you are called to marriage. In other words, unless God has told you otherwise, you should consider finding a wife and building a family as being every bit a part of God’s plan for your life as finding a job and building a career.

Even more a part.

dna-ii exclusivity marriageThat’s why we want to empower you to prepare for your future marriage like a successful career: intentionally, intelligently and IN ADVANCE!

Not convinced marriage is for you? Or you know you want it, but doubt and fear are holding you back?

Please read this post, written specifically to men. It’s also one of many in a DNA series where we identify the deepest need of your soul and then the intimacy impostors that we seek out or settle for instead.

Also, I strongly encourage you to watch the rest of the videos in our MAN2MAN memo series on our LoveEd YouTube channelĀ  Though each video in the series addresses a very specific situation which you may not currently find yourself in, the insight and perspective will speak to you wherever you’re at. But odds are, you’ve wondered why guy-girl relationships can be so complicated, so start with this Man2MAN memo.


Is Porn a Problem?

dna-kickingA little birdie told me that this brand new thing called internet porn has become quite a problem for some guys.

If you happened to know (or, more to the point, be) a guy like that, you might want to start with this post from our DNA post, Kicking Porn Where the Sun Don’t Shine.

Also, I’ve been privileged to share my thoughts on the topic over at a site you really should get friendly with, called Covenant Eyes, because, in all frankness, I believe porn is keeping many men from marriage and the folks at Covenant Eyes go beyond blogging about it to offering services and resources to help you win!

Or again, for the reading-challenged, here’s a MAN2MAN memo that starts with the basic question: Is porn really a big deal?

Let me know if there’s any way we serve you! You’ll find our contact info at the top right of this page. God bless!