Date Like You Know/DatePrep (week 3)

Discussion Questions:

Chapter 4: Why It’s So Easy to Fall for the Wrong Person

  1. What can we learn from the Gibeonite’s deception of Joshua to help us date wiser? (See Josh 9:3-16.)
  2. How would you describe the difference between making sacrifices for someone and enduring abuse from them?
  3. What’s wrong with dating someone who does not personally value sexual purity, even if you fully intend to uphold your convictions?
  4. Why would we ever fear “asking too many questions” will ruin a relationship?

Chapter 5: You Shouldn’t Date People to Change Them

  1. Why is it a bad idea to date someone hoping to change them for the better?
  2. How does dating a loner hurt them?
  3. Why are we tempted to seek mutual chemistry over mutual respect?
  4. How can you keep from being fooled in love by someone who’s intentionally trying to deceive you?

Chapter 6: You Might Already Know “The One”

  1. Why is it so easy (and common) to overlook a solid dating candidate with whom you could build a fabulous relationship?
  2. How can it be so tempting to date an insecure person?
  3. How can dating a controller make you feel special and loved… at first?
  4. Why does God expressly forbid his followers from marrying those who don’t follow Him? (See Romans 8:7-9 or page 77.)
  5. If you know someone you fear is attracted to one of these Mr./Ms. Wrongs, how could you try to help them?
  6. Why do some people seem to attract unhealthy partners, and how could you help someone like that?


Video Resources:

For further perspective on the importance of taking your time in your dating life to avoid falling for Mr. or Ms. Wrong, watch this LoveEd episode from the Purpose Driven Dating playlist:

The rest of the videos related to this section of the book come from two MAN2MAN memo series where we’re speaking directly to men, but the material still speaks to both genders. More than that, hearing the same truths from a different point of view can expand your understanding of the truths presented.

In these three videos from our FMUniversity YouTube channel we present eight of the nine Mr./Ms. Wrongs from the perspective of self-assessment. In other words, from the standpoint of discerning whether you yourself might be Mr./Ms. Wrong.

  1. Are You the Right Guy for the Right Girl? (addresses the Stranger, the Violent Person, the Sexually Promiscuous, the Loner)
  2. 4 Guys Women Should NOT Date (addresses the Fool, the Deceiver, the Insecure Person, and the Unbeliever)
  3. What’s Wrong with Being a Lone Wolf? (addresses the Loner further)

Or watch all three videos in the MAN2MAN memo series, Are You Ready To Date?:

In these five videos we present eight of the nine Mr./Ms. Wrongs from the standpoint of who you shouldn’t date.

  1. What to Look for in a Girlfriend (addresses the Stranger and the Loner)
  2. 2 Non-negotiables You Want in a Girlfriend (addresses the Insecure person and the Deceiver)
  3. 2 Major Dating Red Flags (addresses the Violent person and the Fool)
  4. Should You Only Date a Virgin? (addresses the Sexually Promiscuous)
  5. Is it OK to Date an Unbeliever (addresses the Unbeliever)

Or watch all five videos from the MAN2MAN memo playlist, Prepare to Meet Your Girlfriend, here: