Date Like You Know/Date Prep (week 6)

Discussion Questions:

Chapter 15: How to Know You’re Ready to Date

  1. What could you do to better honor your parents? What holds you back from taking those steps in obedience to your Heavenly Father?
  2. What do you stand to gain from learning how to better honor your parents? What do you stand to lose from refusing to learn how to better honor your parents?
  3. Why should you try so hard to make peace with those who won’t make an effort themselves?
  4. What’s problematic about habitually terminating and moving on from difficult relationships?
  5. How can you find peace in the midst of contentious relationships (see Philippians 4:4-7 and John 16:33)?

Chapter 16: Are You Rational, or Do You Rationalize?

  1. Have you ever known someone who ignored a glaring lack of maturity because of an overpowering physical attraction? Did they not see the red flags at all? And if they did, how did they justify overlooking them?
  2. How much do you suspect your desire for a dating relationship is being driven by a lack of healthy, deep, same-sex friendships? What is the evidence for your answer?
  3. If you were married tomorrow who would you want in your wedding party? How long have you known each of them and how deeply?
  4. Do you feel like you hold a clear, healthy, and positive view of your own gender? And do you identify personally and positively with that view?
  5. Why is saving all your deepest, darkest secrets for the person you want to marry (or thinking you’ll never share them) not such a great plan? What do you have to gain by learning to share hard truths in healthy same-sex friendships?
  6. Do you tend to view members of the opposite sex as people to relate to, or more as puzzles to solve, prizes to win, pawns to use, or perils to avoid?
  7. How would it change your dating life if you stopped auditioning for your dates, and simply sought to connect with them?

Chapter 17: How to Know God’s Will for Your Dating Life

  1. Beyond “meeting someone” at church, how could committing to a local body of believers help you establish a healthy dating life?
  2. What do you have to offer the church and how could serving your church faithfully prepare you for success in dating and marriage.
  3. Is Jesus truly first in your life? What would those who know you best and love you most say? What is the evidence?
  4. Have you seen a dating relationship derail your relationship with Jesus? How? And what can you do to guard against that?
  5. If we’re the ones who stand to lose from forsaking our relationship with God, why is He the One who seems so concerned about it? How should the answer to that question inspire our love for and commitment to Him?

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