How to Pray for Your Date

[updated: 3/30/21]

GOT a date?

Pray about it! Like right now.

If you’re a child of God, He’s very interested in how your date goes. That’s the way a good heavenly Father is.


Because He knows when you’re dating you’re dealing with your heart and that’s the most important part of you (not the blood-pumping thing, but the thing He died to redeem). He doesn’t want to see you get hurt, or hurt someone else.

God may not be particularly focused on planning the funnest or most romantic evening of your life (then again, maybe He is), but you can be certain He wants it to be a night you look back on and see how He led you.

You want that too. (Don’t you?)

What should you pray about?

Chances are you already know a specific issue that jumps out at you right away – you might not even want to pray about it, but start there. And then here are some other suggestions:

Oh! And if your date isn’t a brother or sister in Christ, right now would be the best time to call them back up and politely cancel the date.

You may not want to offend your date, but you ought to be more fearful of offending your Heavenly Father – NOT because he’s got a spanking waiting for you when you get home – but because, when it comes to God and the person you’re dating, God’s the one who truly wants, knows and can bring about your very best.

That’s the person you don’t want to offend. (Am I making sense here?)

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