Why You Should STOP Waiting for Sex!

dna-stop waitingTrue love waits (or so they say).

But apparently not for long. Indeed, the research indicates that purity pledges only delay first sexual experience by 18 months.

How about a new campaign?

“True Love Waits… 18 Months!”

Yeah. Sounds like “true love” to me.

However, that’s old news. What I think might be new news is this. A secret key to living in sexual purity until your wedding night, is to STOP waiting and START preparing.

Not preparing to jump into the marriage bed, mind you, but preparing to actually be married .

[Insert sound of needle scratch followed by nothing, but a chorus of crickets here.]

I know. You were probably thinking marriage was something you only prepare for AFTER you find “that special someone.” After all, that’s what everyone else does!

But that’s simply too late, because by then you have a relationship to defend and love chemicals filling your brain, rendering rational thought a thing of the past. And that’s why we have divorce.

So I beseech you, instead of spending all your energy resisting sexual temptation, start investing in the greater goal of understanding, preparing for, and discerning the call of marriage.

Indeed, if you’re busy about the latter you will find succeeding in the former far easier. Even better? The odds are forever in your favor that if you wind up in a great marriage, great sex will come in time. That’s not a promise, but trust me, it won’t work the other way around. No. It really won’t.

Great sex won’t make your marriage great, because marriage isn’t about sex. Not by a long shot. Just ask everyone you know who got married for the sex.

So how would one prepare for marriage?

Well certainly not by simply trying to stay a virgin. If anything, that focus only exacerbates the problem. “I will not have sex. I will not have sex. I will not even think about sex. Don’t think about sex. No sex. No sex. Nose x. Nose sex? No!! No sex of any kind. Not even of the nose. I will not have sex. I will not have sex…”

Good luck with that.

Or instead of counting on luck, try preparing for marriage the same way you would a successful career:

  • Intentionally
  • Intelligently
  • and IN ADVANCE!

How do we prepare for a successful career?

It’s actually not all that complicated, but it does take time and effort, purpose and understanding, and preferably learning before you’re burning. This is the sole reason why Future Marriage University (FMU) exists, to help you prepare for relational success when it counts, before you fall in love.

So STOP waiting! Because true love doesn’t just wait. IT PREPARES!

The world is obsessed with sexual love, but what the world is dying for is sacrificial love, the kind of love which actually sustains marriage. We sing, “Love is all we need,” and by that we mean romance. But Christ knew what kind of love we truly needed; the kind that gives and forgives more than it gets frisky between the sheets.

Are you tired of waiting? THEN START PREPARING! Check out one of our books TODAY and inquire about booking an FMU event RIGHT NOW!

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