Intercourse: It’s Not Just a City in Pennsylvania

dna-intercourseWho would name a blog post: Intercourse: It’s Not Just a City in Pennsylvania?

Who would name a city in Pennsylvania: Intercourse?

I, for one, am just glad to know when Intercourse was actually established: 1754, according to this sign.

Of course that leaves a lot of unanswered questions, like where the population of intercourse came from before intercourse was actually established. But I digress.

This post wasn’t actually inspired by any particular city, but by the fact that the TOP5 most read posts of last year were all about sex, and every one of them came from a series I now affectionately refer to as The Sexual Intercourse. Since this topic seems to resonate so powerfully with so many, I thought I’d synopsize the entire series here for posterity.

If you missed one of the posts, hit the hyperlink into hyperspace and check it out now. If just reading one of the titles below brings to mind lessons learned, why not forward along to someone else who might be looking for true sexual freedom. Have a favorite? Share which one in the comment section, and how it helped you.

Part 1: Sex is Like Atomic Energy
In this first post in the series, I introduce the core reason why care in regards to our sexuality is so important. We’ve all heard that sex is wonderful, but the church seems to make it seem bad. But it’s not bad. It’s dangerous. There’s a difference. I try to elucidate the important implications of that difference.

Part 2: What do You Believe about Sex?
What if you’re doing everything you can to stay pure and you’re still succumbing to sexual temptation? In this post I address the critical importance of believing the right things about sex, to win the war of purity.

Part 3: Sex is a Conversation
In this post I uncover the key reality that sexual intercourse is precisely that, a dialogue or conversation. It’s not some specific act or acts that you want to wait for your wedding night to enjoy. It’s a whole way of relating to someone that should be reserved for your marriage partner. Those who fail to grasp this, will struggle with sexual temptation needlessly, both before and after marriage.

Part 4: Are You Fleeing or Freeing?
The Apostle Paul asks us to FLEE sexual immorality, but our culture encourages us – yea verily, compels us – to FREE sexual immorality. How does it do that? That’s what I talk about in this post. I also share one simple question that will immediately reveal whether you’re about to free sexual immorality.

Part 5: Watch What You Watch
Here I try to present a practical, instead of legalistic appeal to heed the scripture that reveals that your eye is the lamp of your body. Whether I succeed in this or not, the practical (not legalistic) reality is that most believers ignore this essential truth and then wonder why they fall so easily to sexual sin.

Part 6: Sexually Pure or Pure Legalism?
This was my response to an article in Salon where a young lady blames her divorce on her lack of sexual experience prior to marriage. All the while confessing her sexual experience prior to marriage. Confused? Actually MOST believers are. And that’s why we have divorce.

Part 7: Are You Sexually Compatible?
Of course, I don’t really have any idea if two people reading this post are “sexually compatible,” but I can tell you how much the answer to that question matters. And, in an effort to diffuse all the tension surrounding sexual compatibility, I do just that. I also point out several other “compatibilities,” which, if you choose to prioritize, will make sexual compatibility in marriage much more likely!

Part 8: Is Sex a Performance?
In this piece we address the unasked question: From where do we derive our ideas of sexual compatibility? Is it innate? Genetic? I believe the answer to that question will be plain after reading this post, but that’s not to say you won’t be surprised by the revelation.

Part 9: Setting Sex Free
What happens when we expose ourselves to the images, ideas and fantasies churned up by Hollywood, and then go off and marry a real person. That’s what we address in this post in the hopes of setting you up for a marital sex life that’s everything you hoped it will be.

Part 10: What Farmers Can Teach Us about Fornication
This was the most read DNA post of 2014. Who knew that so many folks would be captivated by the sex advice of a man in overalls? I guess this is where Old MacDonald changes his name to Old MacDaddy. In it we learn about the relationship between sowing and reaping and the relationship between dying and growing. And somehow I relate that to sexual relationships.

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