Welcome Students

OK, students, it’s time for a pop quiz:

Would you rather your relationship life be…

A. complicated
B. all about you
C. needy and desperate
D. whatever
E. rich and rewarding

If you answered anything other than E, you’re not ready for what we share here. You’re looking for the class of Hard Knocks, but we hope you’ll come back soon!

Otherwise, we’re glad you’re here, because…

The mission of Future Marriage University (FMU) is to empower you to grow spiritually and date wisely, so you can marry well!

We do this by offering a little something we call Love Education (LoveEd for short). It’s the missing link between the sex ed you get in middle school and the premarital counseling you don’t get until you think you’ve already found “the one.” 

That said, if you are not currently in a serious relationship – that’s even better, because that means you are at the right place at the right time! Regardless of your relationship status, this page was created to direct you to the resources most likely to serve your needs, as a student of love!

The three major topics we discuss in this classroom are sex, dating and relationships. For each of those topics, you’ll find suggested posts below to get your education started.

Topic: Sex


The Struggle is Real

Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back, but At FMU, we want to bring holy back!

I know. Holy doesn’t sound very sexy, but how does freedom sound?

dna-tired of fightingThe truth is, we don’t want you spending your whole life fighting sexual temptation anymore than we want you spending your whole life giving into it.

Instead of running from sin we want you empowered to pursue God’s call on your life!

Does His call include sexual purity? Well, it does if you believe what the Bible says, and scripture makes clear that freedom from any sin (sexual or otherwise) is found in self-control – not self-indulgence – as you take authority over your thoughts and actions.

If that sounds like something you’d like, start your journey with this post. It’s part of a Date Night Advice (DNA) blog series called Purpose-Driven Dating where we have set out to reclaim the lost art of dating.

If you’re more of a watcher than a reader, check out our LoveEd YouTube series: TOP10 Benefits of Saving Sex for Marriage. It starts with this video:

Want more on understanding human sexuality from a practical, Biblical perspective? Hit our Hot Topic page dedicated to SEX. Want more on pursuing sexual purity? Check out our Hot Topic page dedicated to PURITY.

Topic: Dating


Date to Win

Does dating have to be that hard?

At FMU, we don’t think so. In fact we think it can be both fun and fulfilling.

But not by accident.

Where then did our culture go wrong?

It starts with the wrong motives.

The wrong motives lead to the wrong outcomes almost every time.

So with that thought, consider: what drives you to date?

Let this post guide you in answering that question: Don’t Date like a Dummy. One of our most-read DNA post of all time, it uncovers the TOP10 Dumbest Reasons to Date. Might be a good idea to check it out and make sure none of your motives are on the list.

Beyond that, would you like a truly perspective-altering picture of dating? Watch our LoveEd YouTube series: Purpose-Driven Dating series which begins with this video:

Want more on dating? Hit out our Hot Topic page dedicated to DATING.

Topic: Relationships


Bigger & Better than Sex

Congrats on making it this far down the page. You won’t get a gold star, but the dealio is this: you’ve reached the most important stuff.

Yes. Relationships are more important than sex and dating. That may come as quite a shock, but never you mind. You’re here now, so everything is going to be OK.

Fact is, relationships are why we’re here. We were made first for a relationship with our Creator and then for relationships with other fellow earthlings. And ultimately, most of us (not all) were made for an especially unique relationship called marriage.

Do you think that might include you? Might you have the desire to get married sometime before you die? And if so…

Do you think your future marriage holds the potential of being as important, as challenging and as rewarding as your career?

Of course it does. And that’s why we want to empower you to prepare for your future marriage like a successful career: intentionally, intelligently and IN ADVANCE!

Where do we suggest you begin that journey? First by understanding precisely what it is your soul is longing for from relationships; what yearning runs far deeper than your desire for acceptance, romance or sex. What is it that you’re looking for in every single  relationship in your life, from your mother to your lover?

Of course, the answer must be love, but what is it that we want (and need) love to do for us? And what is it that the important people in our lives need most from us in return? That’s what we breakdown in the DNA/LoveEd series: Relation^ology which you can find introduced with this post.

In fact, we’ve turned Relation^ology into a FREE online discipleship study, where you can watch each video, read the recommended readings and then discuss. Here’s the very first video in the series.

For more on relationships from a practical, Biblical (and fun) perspective check out our Hot Topic page dedicated to RELATIONSHIPS.

Ring the Bell! Class is in Session!

Don’t wait till graduation, or next school year, or even next semester! Start preparing for your future today and invite your friends to join you!

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