“You Got Fine Written All Over You!” (Part I)

[updated 2/13/20]

We’ve just started analyzing the TOP10 SIGNS YOU’RE ON A BAD FIRST DATE, and this week we’re tackling the 2nd part of #10: Your date’s opening line is…

“Are you a parking ticket? Cuz you got fine written all over you!”

In truth, a bad pick-up line is funny between good friends for the same reason it’s not funny on a first date, because when you deliver a doozy like this to someone with whom you’re already in relationship, you’re making fun of those who throw out lines like this in the hopes of starting a relationship.

Having conveyed that disclaimer, let’s get back to that “fine” pick-up line.

Though communicating a similar level of disrespect as last week’s opening zinger, “OK. Let’s get this over with,” this witty little one-liner communicates a completely different message about your date’s interest in spending time with you. (That’s in addition to revealing your date has the maturity level of a Middle Schooler on a Mountain Dew high.)

What’s so disrespectful, ask ye? Isn’t this is a compliment?

Hmmm. Well yes and no.

It could be considered a compliment in relation to ones physical appearance. (Who wouldn’t want to be so good looking as to have fine written all over them?) However, a relationship launched by a lusty one-liner like, “You got fine written all over you,” doesn’t promise much of a future.

Keep in mind, they said you have fine written




I can see them body-scanning you as they say it. (Motion sickness bag, please.)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking “fine as a parking ticket.” Physical attraction is GOOD!

At the very least, your date should appreciate how the Creator of the universe created you. So they shouldn’t be critical of your appearance or trying to change it to please themselves. At the same time…

Your date should view you as a person of inestimable value and not as a piece of meat with a cost per pound.

I actually have more I want to say on this topic, and it has to do with this question: how do you measure your self worth? (click the link to read further)

Want a good laugh first? Perhaps better (or worse) pick-up lines than this one? Particularly bad Christian pick-up lines? Check out our light-hearted LoveEd series, How to Flirt Like a Christian, on our FMUniversity YouTube channel.

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TOP10 Sign #10B: You’re date’s opening line is “… you got ‘fine’ written all over you!”
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